Roland Quintana

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Baylor University School of Law—Waco, Texas
Juris Doctorate:  August 2001, summa cum laude
Class Rank:  Top rank in August 2001 graduating class

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The Man

Quintana Law Firm, PLLC

For me, being a lawyer is a privilege -- a privilege I do not take lightly.  As such, I handle each and every client matter with the same vigor and dedication I would want from a lawyer handling a matter for me.  In this respect, there is simply no case that is too big or too small.  Indeed, although I have had the honor of arguing in forums such as the Supreme Court of Texas and the Thirteenth Court of Appeals, I have also argued in numerous County and Justice of the Peace courts.  At the end of the day, my job is to help people with whatever problems (big or small) they have.  That a large majority of my practice is referrals from either former clients or other attorneys (sometimes former opposing attorneys) more than validates the quality of my work.

As I previously noted, being a lawyer is a privilege I do not take lightly, and it is a privilege I worked hard to obtain.  Indeed, in 1999, I began my law journey by attending Baylor Law School.  That part of the journey ended in 2001, when I graduated summa cum laude and obtained the highest rank in my law school class.  Shortly thereafter, I had the honor of clerking at the Supreme Court of Texas for former-Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson.  After my clerkship ended, I worked for one of Austin’s largest firms and then moved back to the Valley and worked for the Valley’s largest firm.

In my 15 years of experience I have learned quite a bit, the most important being that each and every client should be treated with honesty and utmost respect.  When I take on a matter, this is my top priority.  If I fail in this regard, then I have failed regardless of the ultimate outcome.

When not working, I am probably doing something fun with my pup Sam, who also happens to be the firm’s greeter.  I am also an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.  So feel free to contact me whenever the need arises, except, that is, when the ‘Boys are playing.

Sam serves as the Firm's greeter - his face will likely be one of the first you see when you walk into the office.  He may look like a scary wolf, but he is as gentle as a lamb.  Make no mistake, if he wants a treat or to go for a walk, he will make his "voice" heard.  Like many huskies on the internet, Sam is not afraid to speak his mind.

Even if you decide the Quintana Law Firm, PLLC is not the firm for you but you would nevertheless like to see or meet Sam, please feel free to stop by anytime.  You will find him at the Firm on most days.

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Aleida "Ally" Torres

Office Manager/Legal Assistant

Ally and I have worked together for the past six years.  Not only is she my office manager,  she is also my legal assistant.  From scheduling my appointments to legal research, Ally does it all.  Ally works closely with myself and all of our clients.​  Her friendly attitude and great customer service will help reassure you that we are the best team for you.

Outside of the office, Ally leads an extremely busy life.  With an associate's degree under her belt, Ally is currently attending the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies.  When she is not at the office (or at school), Ally enjoys spending time with her family and two pups, Tank and Shadow.

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